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Indians beat Cubs despite Trevor Bauer allowing three consecutive home runs

The Baseball Hall of Fame class of 2042 destroyed Trevor Bauer in the 4th inning, but the Indians won anyway.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Indians won 10-6 Tuesday afternoon, ending a short Cactus League losing streak. Obviously in a six-run win there are a lot of things that went right. The story of the game though, if you're talking about what should lead on the 10:00 news, was what went from for the Indians in the top of the 4th inning. That's when Trevor Bauer gave up back-to-back-to-back home runs to Jorge Soler, Javier Baez, and Kris Bryant. All three of those guys have been ranked among the top twenty prospects in baseball, with Bryant topping Baseball America's list this offseason and Baez coming in at #5. (Soler played enough for the Cubs in 2014 to no longer be officially considered a prospect)

You should try not to give up three consecutive home runs, but if you're going to, you could do a lot worse.

Side note: If I were a Cubs fan, I probably would have lost my mind during that half inning.

Up until that point, Bauer had done pretty well, getting through the first three innings without walking anyone or allowing any runs. The big inning is something that plagued him in 2014 though, and he's going to have to get better at avoiding it if he's going to become the pitcher we hope for him to be.

The next Chicago run also came on a solo home run, one hit by Wellington Castillo, who is not a member of the 2042 Hall of Fame class in waiting, and given up by Shaun Marcum, who received a promotion to #7 on the Tribe's starting pitcher depth chart this afternoon.

The final two runs came in the top of the 9th, and didn't involve anyone hitting a ball 400+ feet. They were charged to Austin Adams, who's a few injuries away from being needed in Cleveland.

As for the ten runs the Tribe put up, the offensive leader for the day was... a tough decision to make.

Michael Bourn went 3 for 3 and also drew a walk. He was caught trying to steal though, so the day's big winner is Tyler Holt, who also went 3 for 3, including a double and a triple. He drove in a pair of runs and scored a pair as well. Francisco Lindor doubled twice for the Indians (a phrase I hope there is cause to type often over the next 15 years or so), while Carlos Santana, Destin Hood, Roberto Perez, and James Ramsey each also hit a double.

In summary:

  • Trevor Bauer was good until he wasn't, and then he really wasn't. That's a story we've heard before, but need to hear less frequently going forward.
  • If you're taking every Tribe player who doubled today out for ice cream, bring a minivan, 'cause the sedan can't hold them.

The Indians face the A's on Wednesday at 4:05 ET. Danny Salazar is scheduled to start. Oakland has traded away most of its best prospects, so hopefully Danny can avoid what happened to Trevor today.