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Indians take on Cubs in Tuesday's Cactus League action

Let's Go Tribe!

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Cubs @ Cleveland Indians

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 @ 4:05 ET




Gavin Floyd's elbow injury is serious. Surgery is an option, and he could be out for the year. That raises the stakes for all of the team's other options for the starting rotation.

Today's scheduled pitchers:

  • Trevor Bauer
  • Shaun Marcum
  • Scott Atchison
  • Jeff Manship
Bauer is supposed to be the team's #3 starter this year, so let's hope he pitches as well as he builds drones.

Today's starting lineup:

  1. Michael Bourn (CF)
  2. Jason Kipnis (DH)
  3. Ryan Raburn (RF)
  4. Carlos Santana (1B)
  5. Mike Aviles (2B)
  6. Jose Ramirez (SS)
  7. Tyler Holt (LF)
  8. Giovanny Urshela (3B)
  9. Willie "Mays" Brett Hayes (C)