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Indians celebrate Truck Day

Groundhog Day is for hacks. Truck Day really means spring is on the way.

Not the Indians' truck, but one from another team we could legally publish.
Not the Indians' truck, but one from another team we could legally publish.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Truck Day

"If you bought it, a big truck brought it.
If you want it, a big truck's on it."

"A Big Truck Brought It" - Corin Raymond and Rob Vaarmeyer

Yesterday was Truck Day, the day when the equipment truck gets packed up and heads down the highway through the frosty and cold Midwest to sunny and dry Arizona. It's the most important harbinger of spring for baseball fans in the winter-locked north.

It's official: Truck Day is the best winter holiday | - It's the day when MLB teams load their equipment onto trucks that are headed to Spring Training.

For Fisher, Truck Day is best gig of the year | - "To be perfectly frank with you," Fisher said Friday, in the midst of the load-out, "it's one of the only jobs I really enjoy doing anymore. The guys are great, and they make you feel like you're a part of the team. It's comfortable."

Truck Day gives Indians fans a sign of spring | - One pallet off to the side had "Kluber" written in black ink on one of the boxes. Pitcher Corey Kluber, who took home the American League Cy Young Award last season, had a highchair among the many items on his skid. Many of the team's players and front-office members send items for their families on the trucks each year.

Equipment trucks take off for spring training | - Only a 2,000-mile voyage stands between the Indians and the dawn of another spring.

White Sox will deliver Paul Konerko's locker to his Arizona home | Big League Stew - Yahoo Sports - Konerko's locker will ride with the team's equipment to spring training before being delivered to his home.

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Around the Horn

Late-inning relievers are becoming more valuable. | : Anthony Castrovince Article - Major League closers will tell you they love the ninth inning. One wonders, though, if the game is slowly -- and I do mean slowly -- gravitating away from an emphasis on the ninth itself and into a greater appreciation for the concept of leverage, in general.

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