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Pluto Podcast: Terry Talks Indians Ratings and Attendance

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Terry Pluto Talks | -- The website formerly known as the P-D is experimenting with a podcast. Pluto covers general Cleveland sports; Indians-specific section (which centers around the attendance/ratings disconnect he wrote about on Sunday) starts around 23:30. The ratings numbers really are pretty remarkable -- I never would've guessed Cleveland is fifth in TV ratings.

Bastian's Inbox | -- The first question is about...infield defense! Bastian provides more detail on the ST regime. This caught my eye.

1. The Indians plan on running plays at game speed and to completion during Spring Training drills. What this means is that, rather than simulating a run-down, for example, the team will let a play develop on the field and react accordingly. This approach has the potential to better simulate the unpredictable nature of a game situation.

It's not clear but it seems like they're just going to let these plays happen when they happen. Are there going to be enough of those situations "naturally developing" to actually help?

Signups for 2015 MLB.TV are underway | -- If you like to stay waaaay ahead of things. I can't cut through the jargon and tell if anything's different about it for the new season. Well, I could tell games will now be available in Spanish.

Everything you need to know about Yoan Moncada | -- The Cuban infielder was cleared to sign with a major league team -- well, sort of cleared. I'm not sure he needs to be cleared. The whole thing is a mess of international labor law. He will immediately be a top 100 prospect when he signs.

Whither James Shields | --  Fangraphs believes he'll end up a Giant. Other outlets have the Padres and Cardinals in the mix. Supposed price is 4 years, $70-80M.