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Cleveland Indians news: Trevor Bauer builds drone, MLB shoots it down

It's back to the gutter for Bauer's Effective Velociraptor...

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Like most MLB players, Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Trevor Bauer spent his offseason keeping himself in shape, spending some time with family and friends, and building a working drone, capable of delivering tacos, or whatever lesser tasks one might be interested in putting it to.

On the first official day of spring training, Bauer took the drone for a spin and had it take some photographs, which he later posted on his Twitter account. At that point Major League Baseball officials, fearing Bauer's true purpose was a sinister plot to spy on other teams in Arizona, collecting data on which types of stretches other squads prefer to begin their workouts with and such, grounded the craft.

The Effective Velociraptor will spend the rest of camp on terra firma.

MLB was not alone in thinking an unmanned aircraft was not the best idea. Said Terry Francona:

"I told him if that drone hits Kluber, he's released."

Bauer said he didn't want to break any rules, and would comply with MLB's directive. He did have one request of league officials:

Sounds fair to me.