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Indians (and others) react to new MLB pace of play rules

A sampling of reaction to the new rules from the Indians and around the Internet, plus the mystery and glory of Carlos Carrasco's change-up.

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Pace of Play

Yesterday, MLB implemented some new pace of play rules in an attempt to speed up a game, including a running clock for inning breaks and pitching changes, requiring batters to keep one foot in the box most of the time, and changing the procedure for managers to initiate a replay challenge. Following is a sampling of the reaction from the Indians and others:

MLB institutes new pace-of-play policies, but how fast is too fast? | - Indians players, manager, react to new rules.

Tribe clubhouse mixed about pace-of-game initiatives | - "This is the greatest game ever made. You don't need to mess with it," Swisher said.

The new pace of play rules aren’t disruptive, make a lot of sense and may actually work | HardballTalk

Major League Baseball Announces New Pace of Play Rules for 2015 Season - The Atlantic - "Basically, the baseball story is the story of all entertainment and media in 2015:  There is more to watch than ever and more ways to watch it. The challenge of staying relevant with youngsters is especially acute for a sport more suited to languid discussion and statistical analysis than mind-blowing Vines."

Why MLB's new pace of play rules are a sensible step forward - MLB - - "At the very least, the Commissioner's office has shown that it is willing to proceed cautiously, while the Players Association has indeed stepped up as a significant check against efforts which would impact how the game is played."

MLB's pace-of-game rules are really moderate. | : Will Leitch - "I didn't actually notice the pitch clock at first. I was with my mother, and she pointed it out on the scoreboard. "

What they’re saying about the new pace of play rules | HardballTalk - Hear what a few major leaguers have to say about the new pace of play rules officially announced on Friday.

Indians News

Carlos Carrasco’s Change Doesn’t Really Have a Comp | FanGraphs Baseball - "And Carrasco’s changeup is good. That’s the other thing. He doesn’t just generate interesting overall averages: he’s figured the pitch out. "

Cleveland Indians pitchers compete in sprint drills on first day of camp: video | - Left-hander Nick Hagadone outlasts Zach McAllister on Friday to win the sprint competition for Indians pitchers on the first official day of practice in spring training.

Tribe's Santana aiming for full-season success | - "Inside the church, which has a unique series of arches and ornate stained glass to create a breath-taking sanctuary, Santana finds a pew and says his prayers. Once this ritual is complete, he feels ready to embrace the challenge of another season."

Francona enjoys pitchers' work in endurance test | - "I had Merritt, just because he was young," Francona said. "And I told him if he quit, he was going down. I figured he'd probably give a pretty good effort."

PHOTO GALLERY: Pitchers, catchers first workouts, Feb. 20 " TribeVibe - Pictures from first workouts for pitchers and catchers. Photos by Dan Mendlik

1957: The end of an era, for catcher Jim Hegan and the Tribe - Waiting For Next Year - "Hegan’s skills were legendary. It was said that in the instant a foul ball was struck, Hegan would scramble to the point it would meet the field- without looking up for the ball. Apparently, that was true. His pitchers learned not to shake off his signs; when hitters struck out, it was said they often turned and cursed Hegan. And base stealers had only a 65% chance against him."

Around the Horn

The Royals, Alex Rios, and Hitting Everything in Sight | FanGraphs Baseball - The Royals make lots of contact. Lots of it.

Nick Punto tells Diamondbacks he’s sitting out the season | HardballTalk - Punto punts on season. No bunts for you, Diamondbacks.

Umpire Tim McClelland is retiring | HardballTalk - He was the second-longest tenured ump in the bigs.

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