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Indians news: Rotation, Right Field, Defense (Repeat)

This is right field at Progressive Park. Everyone likes talking about it.
This is right field at Progressive Park. Everyone likes talking about it.
Jason Miller/Getty Images

Cleveland News

Who's the Indians Fifth Starter? | — Bastian talks through Cleveland's three big questions for 2015. Stop me if you've heard these: filling out the rotation, right field, and defense. I think Bastian is terrific at his job but...sheesh. Opening day can't come fast enough.

Who will be the starting right fielder? | — Hoynes himself as identified some big questions such as...what's going to happen in right field? If I were a beat writer I think I'd try to sneak one through about, say, Brantley's role being unsettled going into spring. is advertising in the Indians website carousel | — Are these people baseball fans? Just local? Who's going to go on a date with one of them and report back?


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I'm a tad surprised it's right there in the carousel -- certainly a more aggressive marketing strategy than I remember in the past.

Kluber's focus firmly on 2015 | — Rest assured, Kluber is not resting on his laurels. Quote Yan Gomes:

"Some guys who win the Cy Young," Gomes said, "the next year they still live on that fame from the year before and they don't focus on the next year..."

I think Gomes is doing the best he can here, same as Bastian but...sheesh. Opening Day can't come soon enough.

Around the League

What do you think of your team's pitching coach? | Fangraphs— I've always been intrigued by the crowdsourced defensive ratings, so this pitching coach polling also caught my eye. I won't give away how most Cleveland fans perceive Mickey Calloway, but you can click through, vote, and see for yourself.