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Who would make the Tribe's best player-manager?

And how long until we can genetically engineer a Tris Speaker/Lou Boudreau hybrid?

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Each passing week gets us closer to real baseball. While we're waiting, let's have a look at what happening during the last few days of the offseason:

Indians news & notes

Hey Hoynsie! Do Indians need a player-manager to win the Series? | - It's a joke question, but it's true that both Tribe World Series victories have been led by player managers - the legendary Tris Speaker (1920) and Lou Boudreau (1948). We've joked about Giambi taking the player-manager role, but he's essentially incapable of fulfulling the player part of that equation. Speaker and Boudreau are HOFers, so it stands to reason that a player-manager should bothe be a great player and a sound strategic mind. If it came to it, which current Tribe player do you think would make the best player-manager? Check out the poll below.

Frazier developing into the right-anded power bat Tribe needs | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - After a disappointing first half last year for Clint Frazier, he turned up the heat in the second half. It was a humbling experience for the young prospect. If his development continues along this path, he may just become the Right-Handed Power Bat™ the Indians have been looking for for years.

Where are you, Kipnis? | Burning River Baseball- Jason Kipnis was bad last year, that we know. What we don't know is how much of that badness was due to injury, and how much was due to declining ability. Kip is young enough that you'd hope it's not the latter, but a not insignificant drop in plate discipline is a bad sign.

Draft the key to continued success | DTTWLN? - The poor drafts of the early and mid-2000s have been the topic of constant debate on LGT. But since the late oughts, things have objectively improved. Seven players on the current roster are products of Indians drafts, and that trend has to continue in order for a small-market team like Cleveland to compete.

Mark Shapiro has three messages for Tribe fans | - asked each team's leader to address their fans as Spring Training nears. Mark has good things to say about the Indians' young core and the changes coming to Progressive Field.

Tidbits from around MLB