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Cleveland Indians Sunday News: Dayan Viciedo and a leaner Jason Kipnis

In which I fail to understand why the Indians would be interested in the former White Sox "outfielder"

Jason Kipnis is leaner, but will he be meaner as well?
Jason Kipnis is leaner, but will he be meaner as well?
David Maxwell/Getty Images

Terry's Talkin' about Jason Kipnis bouncing back -- Terry Pluto |

Jason Kipnis was supposed to be one of the key cogs in 2014's lineup, but was never really healthy after injuring his oblique. This spring he's leaner, and perhaps that means a return to his breakout 2013 season. Or perhaps it means nothing.

Some interesting tidbits at the bottom of the article, including Lonnie Chisenhall's new Brantley-like training regimen and reports on Gavin Floyd's and Danny Salazar's bullpen sessions.

Cleveland Indians interested in Dayan Viciedo; face uphill battle to sign him |

Indians interested in Dayan Viciedo, but shouldn't be | Let's Go Tribe

I somewhat understand why the Indians are looking at any available right-handed hitters, but Viciedo is not a good fit for this roster. Viciedo's one strength is his power, but the Indians already have a similar hitter on their roster in Zach Walters. Heck, I could see Ryan Raburn putting up a facsimile of a typical Viciedo season. But the main reason why I think Viciedo would be an awful fit is that the former White Sox outfielder is terrible in the field. That limits his usefulness as part of what would be at most a four-man bench.

I understand that the Indians have a couple players that are coming off injury-plagued seasons. But even if Nick Swisher, for instance, has to miss a chunk of the season, I'd rather see a number of players as the DH or right fielder rather than Viciedo. If the Indians bring Viciedo in as a minor-league free agent I wouldn't complain all that much, but even so I'd rather the club go with a more useful left-handed hitter (or Walters) than go with the half-dimensional Viciedo.

MLB News

With the major free agents signed and spring training still a week away, today's stories are rather fluffy...

Cain, Posey make cut at [Pebble Beach] Pro-Am, ready for final round |

The Buster Posey/Nick Watney team is in second place heading into Sunday's final round.

Saturday Night Live turns 40: Remembering the show's best baseball moments |

The Bob Uecker/Billy Crystal clip was good, the dogs playing baseball clip was not good.

Latest 25-man/40-man roster

Barring any last-minute signings (here's hoping that the Viciedo rumors aren't true), here's who will be in major-league camp:

(link for embiggened version)

Feb 15 2015

Like last year, Francisco Lindor will be in big-league camp, but unlike last year, he should get regular playing time, making spring training games must-see TV for those of us who have only seen him mostly on grainy minor-league video clips. Other non-40-man prospects in camp: Tyler Naquin, James Ramsey, Jake Lowery, Jordan Smith, Bryan Price, and Will Roberts. Of the veteran NRIs, I think Anthony Swarzak has the best chance of making the major-league club.