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Change is coming to Let's Go Tribe

...Don't worry, I only chose a black background because I'm melodramatic. Everything is going to be great. (Really!)

The lede here is that I'm going to be stepping back from my role as lead writer and managing editor at Let's Go Tribe; this means there will be an opening at the top, to be filled by... someone. (maybe you!)

If you're here to answer the "Help Wanted" ad, feel free to skip the next section...

My real life has gotten too busy for me to keep up the pace I've set for myself here; on some level I was probably always too busy. In the last few months I've gotten married, adopted a puppy, seen responsibilities at my actual job increase, and begun looking to buy a home. I can't be a good husband, a good caretaker, a good teacher, a good homeowner, and a good site manager all at once.

It is not my intention to step away from the site entirely, I still plan to write a fair amount and be involved in the comments, but I can't repeat the 688 posts I wrote last year, and I can't live up to all the other responsibilities that come with being in charge. I have loved being the lead voice, and this has not been an easy decision for me, but it will be better for me and it will be better for LGT.

Because I'm not leaving, there's no need for me to put together a proper goodbye, but I will take a moment to thank Ryan for having given me this opportunity a year and a half ago. His original invitation to join the writing staff remains one of the biggest thrills I've had, and his asking me to step into the position he'd held so tremendously for so many years was an honor. To the extent that I have accomplished anything here during my time at the top, it was by standing on the shoulders of giants. Ryan, Jay, Andrew, and Adam, along with some of the best commenters anywhere online, built LGT into the premier destination for Cleveland Indians fans.

Alright, back to brass tacks...

There is now an opening in the managing editor role, which we plan to have filled by Opening Day. The person who fills this role should be an avid fan of the Indians, should be willing to write multiple posts every week, sometimes spur of the moment, as news is breaking, and should be able to interact in productive ways with the rest of the staff, sometimes helping with ideas or providing a second set of eyes on something.

In some ways it would be nice for the new "boss" to already be an established and respected member of the LGT community, but that is certainly not a requirement, and lurkers or writers who just stumbled upon this post should not feel discouraged from inquiring.

Managing editor is a paid position. It isn't so much money that you'll be quitting your job or anything, but it's more than just beer money. (Unless you drink a lot of beer, in which case maybe it is just beer money, but what do I care what you spend it on?)

While I hope every one of the current writers will stay on board, there may also be a couple new writers added. If you're interested in writing recaps, putting together morning news and notes posts, or digging into nitty-gritty analysis, feel free to reach out.

Justin Bopp oversees all the baseball sites in the SB Nation family, and he'll be the point person for the hiring process. If you are interested in being the managing editor, or in coming on as a writer, contact Justin at:

If you want to stand out from other candidates, providing samples of your writing and perhaps some ideas for how LGT can be its best would be good ways to do it.