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Cleveland Indians trade rumors: Indians asked Giants for Joe Panik plus top prospects for Salazar

The bar is set high for Danny Salazar, as it should be.

Harry How/Getty Images

If you were worried about the Cleveland Indians underselling Danny Salazar--don’t be. According to Andrew Baggarly, the Tribe were in talks with the San Francisco Giants for a swap involving Salazar and their asking price was Joe Panik plus the Giants’ top four minor league prospects.

Now, we do not know which top four prospects that would be, exactly, but has the top four Giants prospects as pitcher Tyler Beed, shortstop Christian Arroyo, pitcher Phil Bickford, and shortstop Lucius Fox. That would be an insane haul for Salazar. Even just Panik, a 25-year-old second baseman who slashed .312/.378/.455 with eight home runs last season, would be a great addition on his own, let alone whatever the Indians could have flipped those prospects for.

The talks seemed to have lead nowhere, according to Baggarly, and we do not know what point along the trade talks this is. It could have been the Giants telling the Indians they were interested in Salazar, the Indians dropping this massive demand on them, then the Giants walking away, or maybe it could have been after some haggling. Either way, we know the Indians are in no rush to trade Salazar and this high bar should prove it.

San Francisco previously contacted the Indians in regards to Carlos Carrasco, but those talks also went nowhere. In that discussion, the Indians were reportedly asking for both Joe Panik and Brandon Belt.