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Tuesday was a busy day of baseball transactions. Did the Indians do anything?

Phew. Where do we start?

These nougat millers never thought they'd make LGT. But here we are.
These nougat millers never thought they'd make LGT. But here we are.
Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Well, I guess we start with the fact that the Braves traded Shelby Miller FOR THE WORLD. That's an exaggeration, of course, but check out what the Diamondbacks gave up for him (and Gabe Speier):
• Dansby Swanson, the #1 overall pick 6 months ago
• Ender Inciarte, an outfielder that some Tribe fans wanted (3.3 fWAR in '15)
• Aaron Blair,'s #61 overall prospect

Put this trade together with GIVING GREINKE ALL THE MONEY, and you wonder if the comment section is running the D'Backs.

Hoynes says that Arizona inquired about Danny Salazar before settling on Miller. I'm super glad that Chris Antonetti is making it very difficult for teams to get our pitchers.

• Jedd Gyorko was traded to St. Louis for Jon Jay. It is my opinion that Jedd Gyorko is terrible, so it makes me happy that he's a Cardinal. However, the Missouri Devil Magic will probably cure him. To top things off, he has a high-priced contract.

• Here's Jed Hoyer, on the fallacy that you can have "starting pitching depth"

Amen, Jed. He and Theo Epstein are so great. Probably the only FO that I'd definitely prefer to ours. The Dodgers are up there too. Speaking of the Cubs...

• Ben Zobrist will sign with the Cubs. He reunites with Joe Maddon for 4 years at $56 million. Chicago's plan was to keep quiet about their interest, and it worked.

• The Cubs then traded Starlin Castro to the Yankees for Adam Warren and our old friend PTBNL.

• Cliff Lee is looking for a 1-year MLB deal. I'm all for the Indians being the ones who bite. Here is LGT's post on it. You'll probably skip to the comments.

• The Jose Fernandez rumor mill continues to turn. I'm convinced it's 95% a media creation because reporters are bored and need to fill up the 24-hour news cycle.

• Former CWS catcher Tyler Flowers signed with the Braves for 2 years, reportedly for 5.3 million.

• The Rockies signed relievers Chad Qualls and Jason Motte to two-year deals.

• If the Mets are dying to retain Daniel Murphy, they're doing a great job of bluffing.