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Quiz: Can you identify the most expensive free agent contracts in Cleveland Indians history?

If you cannot guess the top two maybe you should take a walk outside.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

While we are killing time waiting for the Cleveland Indians to make a move in the Winter Meetings, can you identify the nine most expensive contracts in team history? These span from just a couple years ago all the way back to 1976, with no adjustment for inflation, simply the amount of money the player was offered when they were signed. The Indian probably will not add to list before the Winter Meetings are over, so it is a safe bet that this quiz will still be relevant for at least another year or two.

Also, an important note, this does not include any kind of extension or player re-sign--only players who were acquired by the Indians via free agent contracts. Answers need to be in a [first name] [last name] format, and you are answering in any order you'd like. If you recognize one of the answers on the bottom, type it and start there if you want. Be sure to vote in the poll so we can so good (or bad) everyone did.