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News and Notes: Chris Antonetti discusses Cleveland Indians interest in acquiring offensive help

You mean, Colin Cowgill wasn't the big move?!?

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Here's to a great week!

Chris Antonetti discusses Indians pursuit of offensive help (MLB Network Radio)

It's no big secret that the Tribe could use some offense and the head honcho pretty much confirms it here.  From Antonetti:

"It's safe to say if you are a corner infield bat or outfield bat, we are pursuing."

MLB gross revenue increases for 13th straight year (Townsend)

Major League Baseball is doing very well, with the league's gross revenue up $500 million in 2015.  These numbers are from a Forbes report, which notes that gross revenue is around $9.5 billion (with a B).  Who says baseball is dying?

Detroit signs Jarrod Saltalamacchia to one-year deal (Baer)

Salty could fit in with the Tigers as their backup catcher.  He hit .225/.310/.435 with nine home runs in 227 plate appearances last season.

Dodgers re-sign Chase Utley (Cotillo)

The infielder is on his way back to Los Angeles on a one-year deal after drawing some interest from the Padres and Angels.

Does Zach Greinke make the Diamondbacks a contender (Stellini)

Arizona signed Greinke to a six year, $206 million contract and certainly are now a more intriguing team.  But are they a contender?  With Paul Goldschmidt and A.J. Pollock leading the offense, Beyond the Box Score's Stellini argues that the Diamondbacks are a few pieces away from being legitimate contenders.  Makes sense to me.

Red Sox fielding calls for pitching trade (Buchanan)

After signing David Price to that gigantic deal last week, Boston actually now has an overabundance of starting pitching and is looking to make a move.  Guys like Joe Kelly, Wade Miley, and Henry Owens could be available.