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Peter Gammons says Michael Brantley "might not be back until August," hopefully misspoke

Holy hell, Gammons!

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Either Peter Gammons simply misspoke on live television or he just dropped a bombshell on Cleveland Indians fans. Either way, everyone who has ever owned a Tribe jersey watching MLB Network Sunday night just had a mini-heart attack.

While speaking about the Indians in an appearance on MLB tonight, Gammons had the following to say:

"...the biggest problem here, I just learned this today, is that Michael Brantley's shoulder injury is worse than they thought. The operation was more complicated, he might not be back until August."

When the Indians first announced that Brantley would be going under the knife last month, the time to return to baseball action was sometime in April or May, but if what Gammons is saying is correct, something has gone wrong and his timetable has been pushed back.

There is a glimmer of hope, however. According to Indians beat writer Jordan Bastian, "multiple sources" are saying that Gammons misspoke in saying that Brantley would be back by August.

Which sounds great, of course, but Gammons sounded pretty sure in what he was saying. Unless he accidentally said "worse than they thought," accidentally said "operation was more complicated," and accidentally said "he might not be back until August," the more likely scenario is that Gammons received incorrect information from somewhere. At least, that is the optimistic scenario.

If Gammons did not actually misspeak, and if Gammons received correct information, and if the Indians denied his claims, it could mean the Tribe front office purposefully did not want that information to get out. Knowing that Brantley would be out for several more months would kill some level of leverage they would have in a trade, especially considering the torn labrum surgery that Brantley underwent can cause career-long complications even when everything goes well. If something has gone worse, other teams would know that the Indians could be permanently out of an All-Star outfielder, which is not good for trade talks by any means.

Let's hope that is not the case. Let's all breathe into a paper bag and hope that Peter Gammons just overheard someone drunkenly rambling in a Nashville bathroom and decided to use it as a source.