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Help us create the Let's Go Tribe phrase guide

Memes and memes and memes and memes and memes.

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

When I was going through and making all the pages for the Let’s Go Tribe Handbook (shameless plug) and wanted to do a phrase guide, I knew I would not be able to get them all on my own. I have been an LGT reader for years but only an active community member for less than a year; there is no way I know all popular Let’s Go Tribe in-jokes.

My first thought was to ask the staff, who gave me a bunch of great suggestions, but then the realization hit: No small group of people can know the full extent of the Let’s Go Tribe memes, in-jokes, and nods to past events. So with that in mind, I’m turning it loose to everyone, as I figure random members may remember LGT memes that the rest of us would surely miss.

Here is how this will work. The phrase guide is going to be a dictionary of sorts (similar to phrase guide on Bless You Boys, where I originally saw this idea), so submissions should follow close to a dictionary format. These should be anything from jokes (like Fewer) to phrases we use for player's nicknames (Dr. Smooth) and anything else you can think of.

Fewer - 1. adjective- A response to someone making a grammatical error. 
Doctor Smooth - 1. noun - A nickname used for Michael Brantley.

Feel free to submit as many as you want. To make sure that we are only adding phrases that are popular among the community, I will also mostly only be adding phrases confirmed by other members. So, please, if you see someone's submission that you recognized be sure to confirm it in a response to their comment.

After a few days, or whenever this posts dies down, I'll compile everything into the official phrase guide. From that point, things will be added as they come up and get repeated in the community.