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Checking in on free agent outfielders Denard Span & Yoenis Cespedes (slow news day)

Well, here's what we've got...

Cespedes roams el cesped.
Cespedes roams el cesped.
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

• According to Scott Boras, teams have "watched Denard Span work out in person" and Span should have a job soon. Alright.

• The White Sox could sign Yoenis Cespedes. They're looking to add a free agent outfielder. Yo' wants $100 million.

The Nationals signed Stephen Drew for 3M dollars plus another 1.25 in incentives.

• MLBTR did nothing wrong here: They spared me from actually having to read Hoynes, paraphrasing his words for the greater good. "[T]he Indians want more than one piece in return for any deal sending away Danny Salazar or Carlos Carrasco," says MLBTRHoynes Re: Puig. Sorry, Jay—I don't usually visit MLBTR, but when I do, it's when I only have three bullet points and they spare me from Hey Hoynsie.

• If you missed it on LGT yesterday, Cleveland hotels show midges more respect than Justin Chamberlain did.

• Since we're still kinda desperate here, ZOMG KRIS BRYANT IZ GITTING MARRIED