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Let's Go Tribe's 10 most popular analysis posts of 2015

Here are the analysis posts everyone was most interested in this year.

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Throughout the year, we run a lot of news and rumor stories, but we also analyze. A lot. Not surprisingly, the most popular analysis posts are also borderline rumors because the Internet loves them some baseball rumors. These top 10 analysists posts of 2015 are simply sorted by traffic, nothing else.

Do you have a favorite that did not make the list? Let us know in the comments!

I think this was the first post I did that got any real traction and it really took off. When Yasiel Puig looked like a fantastic trade opportunity (and before Francisco Lindor had a great year), it looked like it would make sense to empty a lot of players to get Puig. Now, not so much.

Well, Jason Phillips was right about half of this. The Indians ended up trading David Murphy at the deadline to the Los Angeles Angels for Eric Stamets. Instead of trading Raburn, they waited until the season was over and paid him $100,000 to walk away. Raburn is still a free agent, but with how many similar bats the Indians have added this offseason it does not look like he will be back.

This one got especially popular when Alex Anthopolous left Toronto. As if everyone started passively agressivelysearching "well what has that Shapiro guy ever done, ugh" at once.

At the time, the idea of trading a starter pitcher seemed kind of crazy. But as the offseason went on it looked more and more like the Indians were considering it, then they ultimately never did it. There is still technically time, but it looks like the Tribe plan to hold onto all their starters, which is perfectly okay.

Why on Earth did the Indians trade for a guy with a 7.97 ERA? Oh, right, because ERA does not really matter with only 20 innings on record.

I agreed with this then, and I would argue that it makes even more sense now to trade Allen. I am perfectly okay with keeping him, of course, but his trade value has to be through the roof right now.

These still mostly hold true depending on your definition of a "big" free agent signing. The Indians still do not look like they have any interest in trading a starting pitcher, and I do not see that changing before the regular season.

Ouch. So many people about to let down tremendously in the comments. Although quite a few were vintage Cleveland pessimistic, too. Turns out they were right to be.

"I think this might become the best Tribe team of my sentient life" - tr1betime

The early parts of 2015 were absolutely brutal.