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Let's Go Tribe's 10 most popular rumors of 2015

All the news-but-not-quite-news that piqued our interest this year.

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The Cleveland Indians were in a unique position this offseason in that they had a number of great pitchers in their rotation and huge holes in the outfield. Would they deal from depth in order to fill a hole? Nope. But that did not stop rumors from flying throughout the offseason. Also making an appearence in this list of the most visited rumor pages is a deadline deal involving Carlos Gomez, and the Indians potentially trading Lonnie Chisenhall.

If we have a particularly interesting rumor that did not make the list, be sure to put it in the comments.

These past Winter Meetings were a whole bunch of Indians rumors followed by nothing. It appeared heading into them that the Indians were in a position to trade a starting pitcher, but they stood pat on keeping their rotation intact for the future. In this case, the San Francisco Giants came knocking for Danny Salazar, but the Tribe shot them down with a huge asking price: second baseman Joe Panik and four of their top prospects.

Early on the Winter Meetings, Cleveland was reportedly talking to the Texas Rangers in regards to a trade for Carlos Carrasco. Texas has a few young players that could be of use to the Indians, but talks between these two teams died out and did not pop up again throughout the Meetings.

Shortly after the Winter Meetings, talks between the Indians and Reds--that previously looked dead--had life. However, two days later, the Chicago White Sox swooped in and grabbed Todd Frazier from the Cincinatti Reds in a three-team deal that also included the Los Angeles Dodgers. Further reports said that the Reds were demanding Clint Frazier and Bradley Zimmer with no wiggle room for the Indians. It's not hard to see why Chris Antonetti hung up, if those reports are true.

Towards the beginning of the offseason, ESPN's Buster Olney suggested the Indians would be targeting veteran free agents just looking for playoff time. Olney was right in the end, although his suggestions of Justin Morneau and Juan Uribe did not come to fruition. Instead, the Indians opted for Mike Napoli and Rajai Davis--both potentially better options.

Wow, I completely forgot about this. Lonnie Baseball tore up the minor leagues when he was demoted in 2015, and it was thought that teams such as the Giants could be interested in acquiring him at the trade deadline. Luckily, that did not happen and Chisenhall shored up the Indians outfield instead.

Another Indians rumor around the Winter Meetings involving a starting pitcher that did not come to fruition. Seeing a pattern?

Before the Arizona Diamondbacks sold their soul to the Atlanta Braves to acquire Shelby Miller, they were ready to go on a hot date with the Cleveland Indians. The Indians were interested in more Major League talent than the rebuilding Braves, so the two teams did not make a good trade partner and the talks faded.

Every team wanted a piece of Carlos Carrasco, but again the Indians asking price was so (rightfully) astronomical that nothing came of the discussions.

The first time the Indians got fans excited about a potential Todd Frazier trade came towards the start of the Winter Meetings. Unfortunately, these talks were deemed dead pretty much immediately after they started.

Going all the way back to the trade deadline, the Indians were asking the Milwaukee Brewers about outfielder Carlos Gomez. The two never came to a deal, then that whole mess with the New York Mets happened and he eventually wound up on the playoff-bound Houston Astros.