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Does the Pittsburgh Pirates boring offseason mirror the Cleveland Indians'?

Money talks during the offseason

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Here's to a great week!

Washington Nationals issue statement about Ryan Zimmerman and PED's (Reddington)

The Nationals are backing their guy, saying that they do not find the report, "which has already been recanted by their source -- to be credible."

Dave Henderson passes away at age of 57 (Townsend)

Henderson played 14 seasons in Major League Baseball for the Seattle Mariners, Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants, Oakland A's, and Kansas City Royals.  He was known by many for his clutch two-out, two-strike home run in the ninth inning of the 1986 ALCS that helped lift his Red Sox over the hated New York Yankees.

The Pirates' perplexing offseason (Choudhury)

The Pittsburgh Pirates share some similarities with our Tribe, especially regarding market size and potential payroll issues.  A good read here that questions much of what the Pirates are doing.  Does money have a lot to do with their lack of significant additions?  From Choudhury:

Every offseason follows this pattern. The Pirates aren't a high-revenue team, and nobody realistically expected Huntington & Co. to bid on a marquee free agent like Zack Greinke or David Price. The acquisition of mid-career players universally acknowledged as premium talents is something that just doesn't happen for the Pirates. That isn't a horrible thing--long-term, high-money contracts to established stars often end poorly. But in the past, they've acquired a well-deserved reputation for making shrewd buy-low moves to fill existing holes without sacrificing much value.

Interesting ideas on relievers innings (Laurila)

MLB managers bring up some interesting ideas on how best to attack a lineup late in the game.  Is it for clubs to develop relievers to work multiple innings and to be able to do it often?  Should Zach McAllister be able to go 2+ innings a few times a week if needed?  Even more important, could Terry Francona handle that?