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The world would be a better place if everyone got a giant teddy bear for Christmas like Jason Kipnis did

Your Boxing Day leftovers roundup

What to get for the man who has everything else.
What to get for the man who has everything else.

It's Boxing Day and that means a helping of Christmas leftovers.

Jason Kipnis' parents knew just what to get him for Christmas: A giant teddy bear | - For the man who has everything.

New York father, sons go the extra few hundred miles to watch the Cleveland Indians | - "It was an absolutely magical season to spend that much time with the boys and see that many visiting teams and games in a season."

Indians 2015 year in review | - Indians beat writer Jordan Bastian looks back at 2015.

Adam Wainwright thinks Jason Heyward didn’t “want to be the man” | HardballTalk - The Cardinals ace plays armchair psychologist.

A look at MLB's 2016 Hall of Fame candidates | - Christmas has passed, and that means it's time for the baseball world to turn its attention to the upcoming Hall of Fame announcement. Results of the BBWAA vote will be revealed on MLB Network on Jan. 6, with a news conference involving any electees to be held the following day.

Report: Japanese SP Kenta Maeda at Dodger Stadium Thursday | - Japanese starting pitcher Kenta Maeda was reportedly at Dodger Stadium on Christmas Eve.

Dan Haren, Tom Koehler refute notion that Marlins openly rooted for Jose Fernandez to fail - “No way,” Haren told Bleacher Report. “No way. A lot of those things in [Slater’s] article were actually right. But at least from a pitcher’s standpoint, there’s no way anybody was on the bench rooting for Jose to get hit.”

Justin Verlander welcomes new teammate, apologizes for fastball to the groin | FOX Sports - About that one pitch that one time...