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Top Tribe Tweets of December featuring Carlos Santana, Corey Kluber, and more

Tweet Tweet . . .

Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

The social media giant Twitter is a smorgasbord of stuff for sports fans.

Much of that stuff is useful; such as stats, quotes, updates on injuries or game scores, images, video links, and highlight gif's. Twitter also features plenty of fluff and content that some find entertaining and fun. It can be an easy way to get to know more about your favorite players and teams, and catch a few laughs in the process. Finally, there's a glut of absolute value-less tweets that make brains hurt. Ultimately, Twitter can be a convenient way to kill a few minutes (or hours) of your time and get your sports fix on.

We here at LGT understand it's easy to miss stuff in that giant Twitter universe. Life has a habit of getting in the way of checking your timeline hourly for new cat gif's or to see where Kim Kardishian is shopping next. With that in mind, we're doing the work for you, digging deep to find the latest and greatest Tribe stuff on Twitter.

Here goes . . .

Alphabet Soup

Very Cool

Change It Up

Let's Hope This Continues

Time for Forgiveness

I Agree

Matt Lyons Wore His Yesterday