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Cleveland Indians sign Ross Detwiler to MILB contract & Officially release Chris Johnson

Whatever you do, don't complain about MiLB signings... Unless it's Justin Chamberlain.

Meet Ross. He's lurking in the shadows waiting to buckle your knees with his eephus.
Meet Ross. He's lurking in the shadows waiting to buckle your knees with his eephus.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the Indians added Ross Detwiler on a minor league contract. Ross was not good in 2015, but this is because he faced so many right-handed batters. Ross should never face right-handed batters.

The Indians also granted Chris Johnson his official release. Here, Jordan Bastian curiously uses the exact same link that YoDaddyWags used in the LGT comments yesterday. Perhaps Jordan is lurking in the shadows just like Ross.

Around baseball

• Mike Leake signed with the St. Louis Cardinals. It's always a bummer when a guy I like signs with a team I don't like. Leake likes the Cardinals very much, though—his bank account will receive 80 million dollars over the next five seasons.

The Mets signed Alejandro de Aza.

• Might Alex Gordon's next stop be the CWS? MLBTRDNW adds on.

This article has the Indians rotation as baseball's 4th best.

• Along with many other teams, the Dodgers are eyeing Kenta Maeda as his signing deadline approaches.

• Tom Verducci and Harold Reynolds will not be in the FOX booth next season. I'm no fan of either, so this is welcome news. John Smoltz takes over.

Not around baseball

• And finally, this has nothing to do with baseball, but I think will enjoy it. Because I was certain the Patriots were going to draft him, I've actually seen more of his film than the real Star Wars.