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Wed N&N: Red Sox sign David Price for 7 years

The Indians made a signing too—a boy named Justin.

David Price sees how much he'll be paying in taxes
David Price sees how much he'll be paying in taxes
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The big news from yesterday is that David Price agreed to terms with the Boston Red Sox on a 7-year contract worth $217 million. The story was broken not with a tweet, but with an article.

This takes the Red Sox out of the Zack Greinke market, as much as their fans wish they could have both.

One other player came off the board yesterday too! The Indians signed Justin "Joba" Chamberlain to a MiLB deal. It has an in-season opt-out date. What? You're not excited?

And now for the least surprising news of the day...

Mark Shapiro is interested in re-uniting with Eric Wedge in Toronto. I love Shapiro, but I will never understand what that man sees in Wedge.

Around baseball

• The Twins came to terms with Byung-ho Park. And it didn't cost them much at all. Only 12 million over 4 years, plus the $12.85M winning bid they paid his former team. If that wasn't a steal enough, they also squeezed a 6.5M club option for 2020 out of Park and his agent.

• The Orioles and Rockies are exchanging punches for the ability to acquire Mark Trumbo. Like boxing, you could say that there are no winners in this sweepstakes. Except the Mariners.

UPDATE! Mark Trumbo and his 9 million dollar salary were dealt to Baltimore. Baltimore plans on using him at WR. Good luck, Justin Gilbert.

• Here's a week-old article titled "2015 Rule 5 Draft Preview: Names To Remember" that I hadn't seen until yesterday.

• And forget about AJ Pollock. The Diamondbacks turned down Atlanta's offer of Shelby Miller for him.