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Let's Go Tribe Movie Club: Bull Durham review and discussion

You'll never make it to the bigs with fungus on your shower shoes.

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Bull Durham, MGM
Bull Durham, MGM

I am currently in the middle of a road trip, so my opinion on this is going to be shorter than the others, but I absolutely loved Bull Durham. The film is so '80s it hurts. Everything, from the shirts to the hairstyles to the acts to the weird catchphrases to grown men sliding in a muddy infield, Bull Durham oozed 1980s style.

Initially, I was worried that Kevin Costner's character (Crash Davis) would stay as a grumpy old has-been the whole movie, but he comes around. And once he does, it makes me appreciate how he was like an angry child for the first act of the movie--walking around calling everyone meat despite being 30-plus-year-old who cannot make it out of A-Ball. Susan Sarandon's character comes across as a powerful female lead without it feeling forced. She is just damn good at everything she does.

As far as on-the-field aspects of the movie are concerned, Bull Durham resonated with me especially. I grew up in a medium-sized city with a minor league team, so it was really neat to see a movie about baseball at that level. In a way, Bull Durham makes me think of a Major League movie set in the minors, which is great.

I always like watching actors try and swing, and I have to say, Kevin Costner has a pretty awful attempt. All the inner monologuing in the world can't help you when all of your swing comes from your upper body. Use your legs, meat.

The Cleveland connection

Nothing that I noticed.

Next week's movie: Field of Dreams

You guys sure do love your Kevin Costner.

After looking some stuff up for next week's winner, Field of Dreams, it occurs to me that I may have seen this before. I only remember vague details, though, and not much else so I'm excited! If you are together with family for Christmas, make sure to gather them all around and force them to watch too. It's your duty.

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