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Friday News & Notes: Napoli and Davs signings better than you might think

They're not Todd Frazier, but they're undeniable upgrades

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone else got to bask in the glory of a new Star Wars movie last night, but I just got it spoiled by my punk cousin on Facebook. So in honor of that, here's an extra special cranky edition of N&N:

Indians news & notes

Indians take a good gamble on Mike Napoli | Fangraphs - It wasn't the big blockbuster, but the Napoli signing could be a significant upgrade. Matthew Kory argues that despite the potential downsides, as evidenced by his horrendous first half last year, the signing has a good chance of working out. Of particular note is how well Napoli hit at Fenway; given the peculiarities of that park, The Big Nap projects well at Progressive Field.

Davis brings versatility to Tribe's outfield, lineup | - Rajai Davis spent significant time in both CF and LF last year, so his glove may be a welcome addition in... uh, addition, to his bat. For what it's worth, Fangraphs ranks Davis as quite a bit better in CF according to UZR/150.

How [Wednesday's] news affects tomorrows Tribe | Burning River Baseball - Joseph Coblitz really likes the Davis and Napoli signings. He projects the 2016 lineup, which he feels will be much stringer than the pre-signings lineup that would have relied heavily on journeymen to fill significant gaps.

Why couldn't Indians and Reds work out a deal for Todd Frazier? | - Hoynsie provides his unique take on the high profile deal that didn't happen - in video form!

Morimando creates more depth and has become a pitcher to know | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - The Indians are blessed with pitching talent in the upper levels of their system, so much so that a guy like Shawn Morimando might fly under the radar. After a great season in Akron, the FO added Morimando to the 40-man roster this offseason. If his upward trend continues, he could be a legitimate contributor in the very near future.

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