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Cleveland Indians sign Rajai Davis to one-year deal, pending physical

Fine if we can't have Todd Frazier we'll just take everyone else.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Indians have signed outfielder Rajai Davis to a one-year contract, CBS Sports' Jon Heyman reports. Davis is yet another veteran target the Indians have been eyeing since at least the Winter Meetings that they have signed today. Earlier they inked a deal with first baseman Mike Napoli.

Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Davis is signed for $5.25 million, plus incentives.

Davis, 35, is a journeyman outfielder who last played with the Detroit Tigers in 2015, where he slashed .258/.306/.440 and was worth 1.8 fWAR thanks, in part, to his above-average defense in the outfield--something the Indians have been looking for all offseason. Davis’ platoon split (.349 wOBA career vs LHP, .289 wOBA career vs RHP) would also make him a good platoon partner with Lonnie Chisenhall in right field.

Most of the Davis’ value for the Indians will come in the first few months while Michael Brantley is out following shoulder surgery. Davis most likely is not an everyday player at this point in his career, but at the very least, he can play while Brantley is out, and once Brantley returns, he can play occasionally in every outfield position.