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Let's Go Tribe Movie Club: The Sandlot review and discussion

Anyone who wants to be a can't-hack-it pantywaist who wears their mama's bra, raise your hand.

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Unlike our first Let's Go Tribe Movie Club, where we watched Major League, I have never seen The Sandlot. This was easily the one I wanted to see most on this list, so I am glad it won the first vote.

I really like how it's a movie with kids as main characters, but they are hardly tiny innocent children. They are more meant to be a vehicle for grown adults thinking back on their own childhood, which is a movie trope that has kind of died out recently. Anymore if there is a kid involved in a movie as the main character, it's probably aimed at kids.

The film is only a shade over 100 minutes long, but it feels like a ton of time has passed throughout watching--in a good way. I love how the myth of The Beast is slowly built throughout the movie, and it is not even apparent that the movie will end on the group of kids facing him. As far as the viewer knows, it is just about some nerdy kid trying to make friends. But eventually he makes friends, that group of friends get into trouble, and everyone grows.

In a weird way watching The Sandlot is just... comforting. The main villain is just a dog, and all the problems are--at least while watching as an adult--mostly trivial. But the movie does a good job of making them seem daunting enough, as a kid would see.

If I do have one complaint about the movie, it's how Smalls' relationship with step-dad progresses. Or, more accurately, how it does not progress. For something that is so pivotal to the plot of the movie, there is not really much of an arc there, and what is there is forced. Dennis Leery is just kind of a low-key jerk the whole movie, leaves, comes back, and suddenly everything is okay. I guess the relationship isn't that important, but it could have at least had some kind of substance.

So many quotes, tropes, and pop culture has come from this movie, and I'm glad to finally have seen their origins. I'm also a sucker for movies hiding big name actors for smaller roles, so Darth Vader popping up at the end was a treat, and he was the perfect actor for that part. That whole third act in general was a great wrap-up to the movie, and the final scene with Benny and Smalls grown up gave me chills the whole time.

The Cleveland connection

Nothing that I noticed, although not many teams were featured, which is kind of neat. It was a focused story about this one group of kids who idolized baseball, not about what the Big League teams were doing.

Next week's movie: Bull Durham

This was not exactly high up on my personal list of movies to see, but I'm pretty excited anyway. Sorry to keep shifting the posts around, but this one will be on Saturday again, where it will stay. Now that I think of it, talking about movies on a Monday is kind of depressing as everyone sits at work. So let's watch on the weekend instead.

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