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Friday N&N: Hot Stove burns on, but Tribe is in a different league

They can't spend with the big boys, but that doesn't mean they're sitting idly by

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Winter Meetings may be over, but the hot stove continues to burn. Here's what's going on around baseball today:

Indians news & notes

Crafting Francisco Lindor's encore | - I may or may not have suggested that Francisco Lindor *might* have played over his head in the comments of yesterday's N&N, but I hope I was wrong. Hoynsie talks to Terry Francona about expectations for Lindor heading into his sophomore season, and also adds his two cents on some Winter Meetings happenings.

Tribe exits meetings with a better feel for the market | - Sure, they haven't made a big splash yet - and aren't likely to - but that doesn't mean the Indians FO was sitting on its hands for the past four days. Chris Antonetti engaged in "literally hundreds" of exchanges every day, but Tito says there are still holes to plug on this roster.

Tribe playing in a whole different league | Burning River Baseball - Many are frustrated/angry/bored/etc. by the lack of Indians moves made during this offseason, and during most offseasons in general. Well, tough cookies, kiddos. That's kind of the way it has to be given the constraints the team is working with. BRB's Joseph Coblitz drives home the idea that despite the fact they can't play in the (financial) big leagues, the Indians have learned to dominate their own league.

MLB Hot Stove: reactions to lots of Indians tweets | Waiting For Next Year - No matter how hard I try, I don't know if I'll ever really get a hang of Twitter. There's just so much information to sort through that I tend to get overwhelmed. All that's to say I appreciate when someone better at Twitter than me can put together a nice collection of relevant tweets. This is one of those.

Tidbits from around MLB