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Chris Antonetti discusses possibility of the Cleveland Indians trading a starting pitcher

Hmmmm . . .Bauer or Salazar?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Here's to a great week!

Chris Antonetti discusses trading a starting pitcher this offseason (MLB Network Radio)

The Indians have the luxury of seemingly going into next year with six viable starting pitching options.  Antonetti mentioned that while it's not something the club would like to do, they could examine potential deals.  That says to me it could definitely happen.

The Padres should blow it up (Stellini)

The 2015 Padres "won" the offseason.  They made big trades for guys like Matt Kemp, Justin Upton, Craig Kimbrel and signed James Shields to a huge contract.  San Diego was a trendy pick heading into spring training, but bombed fantastically during the actual playing part of the season.  This piece from Beyond the Box Score details what San Diego should do next.  From Stellini:

When deciding to nuke a team, a front office can do a hard reset or a soft reset. The hard reset is the Astros. Tank as hard as a team can tank for years, hire some excellent amateur scouts, pick high in the draft, then explode back onto the scene. The soft reset is the Yankees. The Yankees aren't allowed to rebuild. They have to contend while reshaping the roster. New York is still a team without a present identity, but they're still fully capable of punching you in the face. They lost their core and have been scrambling to piece a new one together on the fly for years now.

The Padres need a hard reset. There's nothing happening on the farm at the moment, so they can't afford to cobble together a roster that will be elevated by the ascension of prospects. Carlos Correa isn't coming to save the Padres.

Twins won't have any financial restrictions this offseason (Baer)

Minnesota added over $20 million to their payroll in 2015 and will allow GM Terry Ryan to add more impact free agents for 2016 and beyond. Yes, I'm jealous.

Kansas City Royals rely on analytics plenty (Law)

Those sneaky Royals!