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Will the Indians pursue Colby Rasmus this offseason? One website thinks they will.

I think this supposed $42 million could be better used elsewhere.

Colby Rasmus knows how to silence a Kansas City crowd.
Colby Rasmus knows how to silence a Kansas City crowd.
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

In today's news and notes, we have some free agency preview stuff, MLB's first trade of the offseason and MLB's first awards announcement.

• Fangraphs predicts the Indians will sign Colby Rasmus for 42 million over 3 years.

• And here is SI's free agency preview for the AL Central. It says Mike Aviles is reaching the end of his career, which isn't a very nice thing to say in a publication Tito Francona might read. I am in total agreement that Trevor Plouffe would be a nice buy low addition. I say "buy low" because he's been underrated for at least a couple seasons. Rasmus also gets a mention here.

• Today's as great a time as any to learn more about Roberto Perez!

• Who should win gold gloves this season? Let's ask Fangraphs! Eric Hosmer is nowhere to be found. I love Dallas Keuchel.

• Prince Fielder and Matt Harvey were chosen as Comeback Players of the Year. Over Jason Kipnis.

A trade! (a pretty big one, too)

The Mariners traded Brad Miller, Logan Morrison and Danny Farquhar to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for Nathan Karns, CJ Riefenhauser and Boog Powell.

We'll end with a photo