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Taking the reins: A new(ish) beginning for Let's Go Tribe

Any positive mentions of sacrifice bunting will be met with swift action and permanent bans.

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Of all the times I  have had to write a post about taking over a fantastic Cleveland Indians blog formerly run by a great person named Jason Lukehart, this is my favorite. Yes, as Jason said in his post yesterday, he is officially stepping away from his managing editor duties at Let’s Go Tribe and for some reason he chose this chucklehead to take over.

Before I get on to anything, I sincerely want to thank Jason for putting this site in such a great spot, and leaving me with very little that needs to change to keep it on a positive track--not to mention actually letting me have the keys and drive this bad boy into a lake down the road in the first place. As anyone who reads LGT daily knows, it is already a pretty well-oiled machine filled with deep analysis, quick news, intelligent first takes, and a few goofball posts here and there.

I do not intend to change much of that, but with Jason leaving and me taking his place as the primary writer, the blog’s overall voice may sound a bit different. I will never claim to be as good of a baseball historian as Jason (and I will never be cool/intelligent enough to make my own statistic), but we both share a deep love of baseball, Carlos Santana, writing, and most importantly, the Indians.

Let’s Go Tribe as you know it likely will not change much on the surface. Most of the writers you have come to recognize and occasionally actually read before jumping straight to the comments are present and accounted for and will still be contributing regularly*. I have a few interesting things planned to keep everyone occupied and thinking during the off-season, but there is no intention of watering down post content to increase the number of posts. Jason has done a great job of keeping the post count exceedingly high while maintaining quality, and my goal is to do the same. Even when we get to January and it seems like a lifetime since baseball has been played, there will still be things to analyze and front office decisions to scratch our heads at.

*I may be looking to add more in the future if there is anyone available and interested, but that’s for a bit further down the road.

I have spent more words on writing about why the Indians should trade for Yasiel Puig than this introductory post, which seems weird, but there you go. This transition has been planned for some time, so it’s not like I’m jumping in without prior planning, and I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity. And, again, I cannot thank Jason enough for all he has done for Let’s Go Tribe and trusting me with the responsibility of moving it forward.

If you have any questions, you can always throw them in the comments or message us on Facebook if it’s anything specific. Otherwise, thank you for sticking around, reading about the Indians, and being a great community.

Go Tribe.