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Would any current Cleveland Indians players make the franchise's Top 100 list?

Or will they ever?

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Last March, a two-year endeavor to list the Top 100 Cleveland Indians players of all time concluded (which, if you have not read it, stop right now and go do that). At that time, the only current Indians player to make the list was Asdrubal Cabrera at No. 84. But if we revisited the list today, would any current players crack the Top 100? Alternatively, do you think any of them ever will?

The great work done by Ryan, Jason, and talonk was more than just sorting by WAR and going backwards (as well it should be), but the No. 100 player was reliever Ray Narleski who finished with a career 2.8 fWAR. There are a few current Indians would have beat that several times over in a single season. Sadly, if we were to add just two more players above No. 99, it would bump catcher Sandy Alomar off the list, which does not quite feel right. Regardless, a couple players could make it on the list today, if we were to redo the whole thing just to get them on.

Corey Kluber comes to mind as the first one. Kluber is one of only four Indians players to win a Cy Young, but the award was not introduced until 1956, well after Bob Feller, Addie Joss, and Bob Lemon dominated their way to the top of the list. Still, Kluber has three good years and two dominant ones. Would that be enough to make the list? At the very least, he should be a future consideration if he can keep this up until his contract runs out in 2021.

Another option is Jason Kipnis, who has played fewer seasons than Asdrubal Cabrera did when he made the list, but performed better in nearly all of them in which he played.  As long as Kipnis does not have half a dozen more 0.7 fWAR seasons, I think he is a shoe-in for this list if he does make it already.

Other than that, it would be hard to say. Cody Allen has only been a great closer for two seasons, Michael Brantley has only had one outstanding season, and I believe half the website would riot if I dared to suggest we add Carlos Santana. However, there are some solid options for future additions. Francisco Lindor, obviously, could skyrocket up the list if he keeps developing into his potential. Carlos Carrasco has another four seasons to catch up to Orel Hershiser at No. 95 on the list. Maybe even Yan Gomes comes back healthy for several seasons in a row to be one of the great Indians catchers.

What do you think? Who would you add to the current list, or who do you think will be good eventually and at what number to do you think they will land?