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Grade the Cleveland Indians offseason, Part I

"Did not trade for Mike Trout, F-."

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This poll is simple: What grade would you give Mike Chernoff and the rest of the Cleveland Indians front office for their work so far in the offseason? The important thing to keep in mind with this grade is context. Sure, the Tribe have not made any huge trades or free agent signings, but neither has anyone else. All of the real offseason action will start happening next month, right now we are essentially in the planning phase.

So, with that in mind, how would you rate what the Indians have done so far? The "big" moves include things like adding Tyler Naquin, James Ramsey, Dylan Baker, Mike Clevinger, and Shawn Morimando to the 40-man roster in order to protect them from the Rule 5 draft, signing Shane Robinson, trading for Kirby Yates, and declining Ryan Raburn’s $3 million option. Smaller moves, but still relevant to the Indians offseason plan, would be outrighting players like Michael Martinez, Adam Moore, and Michael Choice to make room on the roster for other moves.

This will be the first of three or four polls, with the next coming right before or right after Christmas, and another in late January after things start to cool down so we can collectively see how the Let’s Go Tribe community thinks the offseason is progressing at each step. The poll options are only A, B, C, D, and F, but if you want to add your plus or minus tweaks, feel free to do so in a comment defending your grade. Or, if you are particularly impassioned about your grade and reasoning, feel free to put it in a FanPost and the best will be featured on the front page.

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As for my grade, I am giving the Indians a solid C+. It has not been a total failure so far, but the decision to add James Ramsey to the 40-man roster over Jeff Johnson or Luis Lugo is still baffling to me, and I wish they had picked up Ryan Raburn’s option. My opinion on the latter could change if the Indians sign him back for less than $3 million later in the offseason (or, better yet, go after a bigger outfielder), but as it stands, losing Raburn for nothing seems strange. I also really like the Kirby Yates trade, so that is a big reason why this offseason is not ranked a C- or D+.