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Black Friday News & Notes: GMs around the league are digging for deals

And no, we're not just talking about 24-packs of AA batteries for $10.

We know how ya feel, bud. Turkey comas - am I right?!
We know how ya feel, bud. Turkey comas - am I right?!
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

While you all sleep off your turkey hangovers, I'm up here in Canada busting my non-Thanksgiving-having butt to bring you this latest edition of News & Notes. It was unsurprisingly a slow news day yesterday, but you better appreciate this anyway, you dirty yankees.*

*I of course mean "yankee" as a general pejorative term for Americans, not in reference to everyone's favorite baseball team

Indians news & notes

Not a lot happening in Tribeland, but there's a new-ish edition of our favorite mailbag...

Should Indians make blockbuster trade, or just tweak roster? Hey Hoynsie! | - Hoynsie answers a handful of not-too-terrible questions concerning potential trades of The Big 3. He even takes some questions from the Twitters. Welcome to the 2010's, Hoynsie!

Tidbits from around MLB

Shopping for deals? GMs may try these | - Everybody loves a good Black Friday deal, especially when it doesn't involve getting up at 2 a.m. to save $20 on a laptop. Um, anyway...'s Jim Duquette highlights five deals that would make good sense for both teams involved. I don't think people here will be in love with his suggestion for the Tribe.

Demand for Price to be topped only by his upcoming offers | Fox Sports - The Red Sox, Cubs, Cardinals, Dodgers, and Giants all have their sites set on the Jays' ace. Colour me shocked. Why aren't the Yankees in on this?! And apparently, the Blue Jays are not expected to be much of a factor in Price's free agency talks.

Let's give thanks for all the young talent in baseball | CBS Sports - As one is wont to do on a lazy holiday with little hard news to go around, Dayn Perry has compiled a list of the best 25-man roster made up of guys 25 years-old and younger.

A's Doolittle hosts Thanksgiving for Syrian refugees | CBS Sports - Despite his name, Sean Doolittle did a lot(tle) of good for 17 refugees in his hometown of Chicago.

Former Braves outfielder Nixon arrested in Atlanta | Fox Sports - the former Brave and one-year LGFT was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Braves agree to one-year deal with Bud Norris | Fox Sport - The 30 year-old righty was signed to a one-year, $2.5 million contract.