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Indians Pitchers and Catchers Report on February 17

Wednesday News and Notes

Hopefully this pitcher and this catcher both remain Indians then.
Hopefully this pitcher and this catcher both remain Indians then.
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Bastian has the offseason dates that we'll all be looking forward to once football season ends (for some of you, it already has, I realize):

• The Marlins are ditching one of their broadcasters after 19 years. I've enjoyed the Marlins TV broadcasts I've heard over the years. The Indians should hire him. However, the Indians current broadcasters have Joe Maddon's Mike Aviles's job security, so they will not.

• Over at, Mike Petriello writes about the future of pitching. He argues that starting pitchers pitch too many innings and that relievers should be facing more batters rather than starters facing them a third time in the game. None of this is new theory, nor is the fact that Kevin Cash may have been the first to catch on. Boy do I wish we had found a way to keep him around.

• Tim Lincecum will throw for MLB teams in January following hip surgery two months ago. Want.

• The Indians could also use some bargain relievers. Where might these be found? Glad you asked! I'm especially fond of Rex Brothers.

• The Mariners are expected to trade Mark Trumbo. #RITEHANDEDPOWURBAT

• Wandy Rodriguez beat Clayton Kershaw this year, in what ended up being  2015's biggest upset. I may have watched a couple innings of this game. Hard to really remember.

• There is some talk that a Marcell Ozuna trade to the Mariners is heating up. Nothing really concrete, though.