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Ask Let's Go Tribe: Could the Cleveland Indians trade for Danny Valencia?

And how is Jose Ramirez doing?

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It did not take long for you all to respond to my initial requests for things to answer regarding the Cleveland Indians. Right away the questions are diverse, a few are weird, and that's great! If you want to submit your own question be sure to message us on Facebook, Twitter, or via email.

Let's get right into it.

* * *

"Would you picture a Danny Valencia trade much more likely than a Frazier trade? I know Frazier has much more power from the right side but trading for Valencia would most likely not cost an arm and a leg unlike Frazier. In addition, any chance we can have a rotation with the names Kluber Carrasco and Salazar still intact while still upgrading our outfielder? Maybe a  packaged deal with Bauer/Frazier could do the trick?"

Thanks for listening

-- Kevin, via email

There is a lot going on this question, so let's break it down. First off, a trade for Danny Valencia is much more likely than a trade for Todd Frazier. As I have discussed before, the Indians and Cincinnati Reds do not match up well as a trade partner to begin with, not to mention the fact that getting Frazier for two years at the most would require the Tribe to give up way too much. Third base is a need for the Indians, but if they are going to go all-in on a position player, it should be a centerfielder.

As for the Indians trading for Danny Valencia, we actually had a really great FanPost recently where community member grover proposed just that. Valencia has always been a great hitter against lefties, but finally being able to hit against right-handed pitchers really set him off in his breakout season last year. He was worth 2.2 fWAR and had the highest wRC+ (135) of any season where he has played at least in at least 80 games. Grover had Valencia as part of a larger deal that also netted Jed Lawrie, but I would not mind the Indians trading for just Valencia if the price was a mid-level prospect or something around there.

Valencia is 31, but he is going into his Arbitration 2 year, and will be a free agent after 2017. Cleveland obviously has much more pressing needs than third base right now, but if they can get Valencia from the Oakland Athletics for a smallish prospect, I say go for it. It would upgrade a position right now for cheap while leaving enough prospects and money to pursue outfielders.

It would not cost Bauer and Frazier. Unless you are talking about trading for Frazier, in which case I do not think the Reds would do it.

* * *

"Hi Mr. Lyons, I have a question.. why, IN THE WORLD, would I read YOUR mailbag? It doesn't even have a name! Something clever like "Hey Matty" would have been far better and I'm sure would have attracted readers who know a thing or two about baseball, like for instance how a trade for Albert Pujols just makes sense! Anyway, question is how many games will the Browns win this year?"

-- via email

Ow, that hurts my heart. All the cool kids use their last name in mailbags, so it would have to be something along the lines of "Hey Lyonsie," and we can all agree that sounds really weird. The Browns win total in 2015 will be lower than Francisco Lindor's WAR in 2016.

* * *

"I've been hoping and trying to get some info on Mike Aviles now that he's a free agent. Do you have anything at all recent please? Thanks very much."

-- Lisa, via Facebook

I will never quite understand the obsession many have with Mike Aviles (maybe it's the calves?), but his future in the Majors does not look too bright right now. I cannot seem to find any concrete rumors on where he could land, but at 35 he is one of the oldest of this free agent class. It also does not help that he is not a very good hitter over his career and he has gotten worse during his two seasons with the Indians. If he lands on any team, it will probably be late into the offseason, or even early in the regular season if a team suffers a sudden injury and needs a veteran (any veteran) to fill in. The biggest thing that Aviles has going for him is the ability to play a bunch of different positions, but he still does not play them well.

As much as I feel for Aviles with his off-the-field issues, and he seems like he great guy, there is just no excitement there on the field.

* * *

"Are you going after any big free agents? If so, who?"

-- Joey, via email

Well, me personally I am seeing if I Corey Hart is willing to clean my house for a few dollars per  week. Assuming you mean the Indians, I do not know anything for sure, but they have been linked to Justin Morneau and Juan Uribe among other veteran free agents. Probably nothing big, but they do not necessarily need a big free agent right now. Someone like Uribe would be a great fill-in at third base for a year and give the Indians the flexibility to trade for an outfielder.

* * *

"What's the latest on Jose Ramirez? I heard the MRI came back negative, but does that mean the injury is now considered to be relatively minor? Is he expected back in time for Spring Training?

Thanks and keep up the good work."

-- Asa (acedog16), via email

Great question! That injury looked horrible when it happened. However, as it turns out, Ramirez was just upended and landed awkwardly. It could have been so much worse, but he wound up diagnosed with a swollen ankle, and he was listed as day-to-day. Angry Hampster should be perfectly fine once Spring Training comes around.