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Ask Let's Go Tribe: Let us answer your burning Cleveland Indians questions

It's like a mailbag, but there's no mail and no bag.

M. David Leeds/Getty Images

This time of the year in baseball can be confusing. Should my team trade for anyone? Who could they sign? Why have they not traded for Yasiel Puig yet? What the hell is a Rule 5 draft? Why didn't Francisco Lindor win the Rookie of the Year? Is Clint Frazier's hair really on fire? If you have any of those questions (or literally anything else), now is the time to ask Let's Go Tribe!

If your question is can be answered with a short yes or no or otherwise requires a short response, it'll most likely be combined into a weekly mailbag type post. Or, if it will require a bit more nuance and a whole bunch of words, it will be answered in its own individual post.

I will be closing the comments on this particular post, so if you want to ask a question feel free to message us on Facebook, send it to us on Twitter, or email me at and it will be answered as soon as possible. Don't forget to include your name if you are going by email. If you message us on Facebook or Twitter I'll use your first name only, unless you specify something else you would like to be used (such as your Twitter handle, for example).

Get asking!