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Let's Go Tribe's 2015 SB Nation MLB Awards voting results

Here is who you picked for best pitcher, best hitter, best celebration, and more.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Francisco Lindor may have been robbed of his American League Rookie of the Year award, but that did not stop us from exercising our power to vote for other, maybe slightly less important, things. Over the past week, all SB Nation MLB communities have had the opportunity to vote on five categories on their respective sites: Best hitter, best pitcher, best celebration, best defensive play, and best breakage of unwritten rules. Network-wide results will be coming sometime around Thanksgiving, but for now, this is who you have chosen as a community for the 2015 SB Nation MLB Awards.

Best hitter (MLB): Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals

We started off with the easiest award, and the voting reflected that. It was not even close. It makes me happy to see that some people voted for Joey Votto, however. Such an underrated season.


  • Bryce Harper (49 votes)
  • Mike Trout (3 votes)
  • Joey Votto (6 votes)
  • Miguel Cabrera (4 votes)
  • Paul Goldschmidt (3 votes)
  • Nelson Cruz (1 vote)

Best pitcher (MLB): Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers

Now we are getting into the first of a few very close votes. Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw edged out Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Zach Greinke by only one vote. Chris Sale tried, anyway.


  • Clayton Kershaw (24 votes)
  • Jake Arietta (13 votes)
  • Chris Sale (3 votes)
  • Zach Greinke (23 votes)

Best defensive play (Indians): Lonnie Chisenhall lays it all out on the field

Not bad for a former third baseman to come home with the award for best defensive play, not to mention the fact that he had two separate entries in this vote. Giovanny Urshela and the other Lonnie Chisenhall play were neck-and-neck for second place.


  • Giovanny Urshela throws a guy out from foul territory (28 votes)
  • Lonnie Chisenhall has two assists on one play (23 votes)
  • Raburn disobeys traffic laws (4 votes)
  • Michael Bourn robs Kole Calhoun of a home run. Maybe? (1 vote)
  • Lindor makes a diving grab look routine (1 vote)
  • Lindor dives INTO THE OUTFIELD to get the runner (8 votes)
  • Lonnie Chisenhall (51 votes)

Best celebration or bat flip (Indians): Jose Ramirez back flip

Another extremely close one, this time with Jose Ramirez coming out on top for best celebration. As a fan of bat flips, I am perfectly okay with this, but Lindor knowing to keep his foot on the bag in the heat of the moment was pretty great too. Both are worthy winners.


  • Jose Ramirez bat flip (29 votes)
  • Francisco Lindor and "The Slide" (28 votes)
  • Carlos Carrasco (and Andre Knott) get doused following one-hitter (9 votes)

Best breakage of unwritten rules (MLB): Jose Tabata leaning into a pitch to ruin Max Scherzer's perfect game

Somewhere Scherzer is in the process of creating a Jose Tabata voodoo doll.


  • Jonathan Papelbon vs. Bryce Harper (21 votes)
  • Getting hit is just as good as getting a hit (30 votes)
  • Noah Syndergaard throws high (18 votes)