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What was the best breakage of baseball's unwritten rules in 2015?

Pick your poison.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The fourth and final award in the 2015 SB Nation MLB awards is a bit of an odd one: Best breakage of unwritten rules. To me, the best form of breaking unwritten rules comes down to celebrations and bat flips (which we did yesterday). Otherwise, it comes down to fighting which normally is not a thing I would vote as the "best" of anything. Regardless, here are what I believe to be four best examples of breaking baseball's unwritten rules.

Jonathan Papelbon vs. Bryce Harper

Don't choke your team's star player. This one probably does not need to be written down, but Papelbon broke the hell out of it, so maybe someone should pin it to his shirt on a post-it note.

Getting hit is just as good as getting a hit

Jose Tabata of the Pittsburgh Pirates leaned over the plate to draw a walk, ending Max Scherzer's perfect game bid. Low blow.

Noah Syndergaard throws high

You just don't throw at a guy's head. Period. Unless of course it's Game 3 of the World Series and you are in real danger of getting swept, I guess. Then go for it.