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Live in-market streaming coming to Cleveland Indians games in 2016

With a few strings attached.

Now you can watch Slider whenever and wherever you want. Or, you know, don't.
Now you can watch Slider whenever and wherever you want. Or, you know, don't.
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

I have been out of the Cleveland Indians broadcast region for around six years, and I honestly have felt kind of bad for all of you stuck in it. Sure, you may have a better quality picture (and you can actually go to games...), but with I have been able to stream video and audio pretty much anywhere if I could not sit directly in front of my TV with a cable box attached to it. Now that is all about to change.

The Indians are one of 15 teams getting live in-market streaming as part of a deal struck between FOX Sports and Major League Baseball at the general manager meetings Thursday. How exactly someone living in the Tribe’s broadcast region will be able to watch a game has not been addressed, but I suspect it will be something like HBO, Showtime, and other premium movie channels do: You open an app, sign on through your TV broadcaster’s own portal (yes, you'll still need a cable or satellite subscription) and you are good to go.

It is also worth noting that MLB commissioner Rob Manfred stated you would be able to watch on "any mobile device," which does not clarify if that means desktop computers or laptops. This will also not likely go through the established setup, which would make sense on the surface, but probably gets fuzzier once you get into legal dealings between local broadcasters and

Regardless, this is a huge step forward for fans living in their team’s designated market. Maybe slowly but surely we can whittle away at archaic blackout restrictions.