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Rule 5 Draft looms as Indians look to protect promising prospects

Locking down the 40-man roster is priority number one, but the trade mill is still abuzz

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The hot stove is heating up - at least, it's much warmer than the frigid Vancouver nights as of late - so here's a look at what's going on around the baseball world:

Indians news & notes

Naquin among prospects eligible for Rule 5 Draft | - Given the Tribe's abysmal outfield situation, Tyler Naquin has a pretty good chance of making the major league club this season. Because of that, he will almost assuredly be added to the 40-man roster to protect him from December's Rule 5 draft. There are currently four spots open on the 40-man roster, with a host of possible candidates for addition.

Cody Allen, Carlos Carrasco, and where to subtract in Cleveland | Fangraphs - Matthew Kory points out the the Indians gave up only one fewer run than the eventual World Series champs, but the also scored just 47 more runs than the last place White Sox. The solution? Simple - get more offense! Of course it's not that's simple, because there are tons of possible pieces that can be moved to acquire said offense, and most of the potential moves involve significant risk.

Blue Jays, Indians discussing possible trade | Waiting For Next Year - There have been some rumours on the Twitters about a possible Jays/Tribe swap, so WFNY's Jacob Rosen discusses the possibility of trading for Kevin Pillar or Ben Revere.

Indians signs OF Shane Robinson, C Adam Moore to minor league contract | - For all those eagerly awaiting the first blockbuster move of the Tribe offseason, your prayers have been answered.

All-time Indians: Bob Lemon | Burning River Baseball - BRB details the career of a man who started as an amateur signee and pinch hitter, left to fight WWII, and returned as a pitcher who went on to win a World Series and become a Hall of Famer.

Tidbits from around MLB