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Jason Lukehart stepping down as Managing Editor of Let's Go Tribe

Rather than burying the lede, which most of you have already figured out from the headline, I'll start out by saying today marks the end of my time as Managing Editor at Let's Go Tribe. It wasn't an easy decision to make, but I know it's the right one, both for me personally, and for the wellbeing of the site, which needs a leader willing to give a huge part of themselves to the site, something I have been proud to do, but have also found more and more difficult as real life obligations have grown.

I knew all season this day would come eventually, but was concerned about what would happen when it did. To have been entrusted with this position was an honor, and one I took very seriously. I had to take the process of stepping aside just as seriously, and feel confident that things would be humming as well or better than ever. That isn't to say I'm a tremendous writer (I'm not), but capable writing is only part of what this role requires. Above all else, it requires commitment. I am very happy to have found someone whose commitment matches my own, and whose creative talents and enthusiasm for the Indians have already made LGT a better place. As of my publishing this post, Matt Lyons will be running the show, and he's going to do an excellent job.

In my years in the lead position I've averaged more than 11 posts a week, a number I am both proud and sort of embarrassed by. In writing well over 1,000 post for the site during that time, I've written as much or more about the Indians than just about anyone on the planet the last couple years.

Still, this change shouldn't feel like much of a change at all. The other guys are all still on board, and Matt has already stepped up his output; the main difference will just be fewer Baseball-Reference Play Index inspired looks at which players have drawn the most walks in their first 800 career games.

The guys who turned LGT into the best destination for Indians fans this side of Progressive Field aren't always here regularly anymore, but LGT would likely not exist today if not for their work, so I am indebted to them for building something worth serving as the Managing Editor of. Even more, I am indebted to the current writers and the other guys who've been here during my time, because they've made LGT shine. And of course, thanks to you for reading, or at least clicking and then jumping down to the comments.

I want to thank Justin Bopp, who oversees the baseball wing of SB Nation, because he has provided nothing but support and encouragement.

My biggest thanks by far though goes to Ryan.

Not long after I started writing about baseball on my own little blog, I wrote a piece criticizing Ubaldo Jimenez for throwing at Troy Tulowitzki during spring training and criticizing the Indians for getting involved in a beanwall war with the Royals. I linked to it in a FanPost, Ryan politely pointed out that it was more of a FanShot, but put it on the front page for a couple days. A few months later Ryan emailed me and asked if I'd be interested in writing for the site. I'd been a reader, but not much of a commenter, because growing up far from Cleveland without knowing a single other Indians fan, my fandom had always been a solitary experience. I knew what good work LGT put out though, and the idea of having access to an audience like that was a thrill. Ryan proceeded to be incredibly helpful. I was floored when a few months after that he asked me if I'd be interested in stepping into his role. I wasn't sure I was up to it, but ego assured I wouldn't turn down the opportunity. Again, Ryan was a tremendous source of aid and support. I know there's no pleasing everyone, but if there's one person I hope is happy with the state of the union around these parts, it's Ryan. He did my job longer, better, and with less help. The rest of us could thank him every day and it wouldn't pay back the debt we owe him for this little corner of the internet.

Serving as Managing Editor at Let's Go Tribe has been an honor, a privilege, and an experience that will always mean a great deal to me. I'm going to take some time completely away from the site, both to let Matt have some space to operate as he sees fit, and also to allow myself to decompress.

Beyond that.... Around. I'll be around.