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Best Cleveland Indians bat flip or celebration of 2015

It's a three-horse race.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

For this, our fourth 2015 SB Nation MLB Awards vote, we are tasked with choosing the best Cleveland Indians celebration or bat flip of 2015. The Indians did not have a whole lot to cheer about for large swaths of 2015, so there are not a ton options, but I believe we have at least three pretty great celebrations to choose from.

Jose Ramiez bat flip

I do not care what anyone says, bat flipping--especially when it antagonizes the opponent like Ramiez's fat flip--are awesome. The batter ahead of Ramiez was walked, Ramirez hit a huge home run, and took a second to admire it before flipping his bat. Ramiez claims it was not intentional and just a thing that happened in heat of the moment (which seems believable to me), but as a fan of spectacle I loved it.

Francisco Lindor and "The Slide"

A fantastic slide by Francisco Lindor followed up by an exhilarating and smart celebration. Even in the heat of the moment, when Lindor just made a defender look ridiculous, he knew to keep his foot on the bag while yelling and thumping his chest.

Carlos Carrasco (and Andre Knott) get doused following one-hitter

Carrasco was one out away from throwing a no-hitter on July 1. Instead, he and Andre Knott took a Gatorade bath together. Honestly my favorite part of this clip is the freeze frame chosen for the video thumbnail.