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Best defensive play of the Cleveland Indians 2015 season

Before you look for Lindor's name and slam the vote button, at least take a look at the other entries.

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

See an amazing defensive play, vote for a defensive play. It's pretty simple stuff. The 2015 SB Nation MLB awards continue with the first team-specific award: Top defensive play!

Of course, the first name to come to mind when thinking about defense and the Cleveland Indians is Francisco Lindor, but he may not win this award. Maybe we just got too used to seeing Francisco do disgustingly awesome things at shortstop, or maybe Lonnie Chisenhall getting two assists in a single play is just too much to ignore, but either way this should be close.

Giovanny Urshela throws a guy out from foul territory

Up 4-0 against the New York Yankees, Tribe third baseman Giovanny Urshela made an unbelievable play to get Brett Gardner out at first.

Lonnie Chisenhall has two assists on one play

Lonnie baseball (I'm going to keep using that nickname forever and you are powerless to stop me) was so good in the outfield this season that he decided to hop into the outfield to get two assists in one play. Then, later in the same game, he threw a rocket to get a runner out at the plate. In both instances, the umpires were so impressed that they had to review the plays just to take in the excitement a few more times. You cannot blame them.

Raburn disobeys traffic laws

So long, Ryan Raburn. You always provided the best moments in the outfield.

Michael Bourn robs Kole Calhoun of a home run. Maybe?

Regardless of whether or not this ball was going over the wall, ex-Indians outfielder Michael Bourn made an amazing catch in the first inning of this game against the Los Angeles Angels.

Lindor makes a diving grab look routine

It looks so easy that even I could do it.

Lindor dives INTO THE OUTFIELD to get the runner

Just, come on. How are you a human being?

Lonnie Chisenhall lays it all on the field

Did anyone tell Lonnie that he is supposed to be a third baseman?