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Who was the best Major League pitcher in 2015?

This year's ballot is cyborg-free, sadly.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday's vote, choosing the best hitter in the Majors, was a pretty straightforward one. Today, however, we have the title of best pitcher up for grabs and it is not quite as clear cut. Baseball is clearly in an age of pitching right now, so do not expect these players to fade anytime soon. A few of those in this list are also due for a huge payday this offseason.

Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers

Like I said in the intro, picking the best pitcher is much more of a contest than picking the best hitter was, but no one would fault you for picking Clayton Kershaw on instinct. The Los Angeles Dodgers ace had "slow" start, in that his earned run average was 3.86 through May. His FIP stayed low throughout the season, and his ERA followed suit shortly after, leading to a 2.13 ERA and 1.99 FIP to end the season.

Jake Arietta, Chicago Cubs

Unlike Kershaw, who remained consistent throughout the entire season, Jake Arietta waited until the last couple months of the season to explode into the Cy Young discussion. Arietta finished the season with 1.77 ERA, 2.35 FIP, and he was third among National League pitchers in ground ball percentage with 56.2%.

Chris Sale, Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox had a miserable year in 2015, but Chris Sale was the same strikeout machine he has always been. Sale finished the year third in strikeouts with 274 (first in the American League) in 208.2 innings of work. The poor White Sox defense did not give him up much help, which lead to a 3.41 ERA, but his 2.73 suggests that Sale was one of the league’s best pitchers.

Zach Greinke, Los Angeles Dodgers

The "other Dodgers pitcher" or maybe "THE Dodgers pitcher" if you like him more than Kershaw, Zach Greinke finished 2015 with an absurd 1.66 ERA. His .229 BABIP points to a certain level of luck being on his side, but you cannot argue with the results that Greinke posted in 222.2 innings this season.

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Don't forget to also submit your nominees for the other categories, including best bat flip/celebration, best breaking of unwritten rules, and best defensive play. Do that over in this thread. Happy voting!