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Who was the best Major League hitter in 2015?

Try and convince yourself not to vote for Bryce Harper if you really want to.

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We kick off our 2015 awards with a vote that may not even be close. Regardless, I have narrowed the hitters down to my Top 5 hitters of the season, and now you can vote on who will ultimately be number one. As with all these votes we have coming up, they will be counted towards the 2015 SB Nation MLB Awards, which will be announced sometime around Thanksgiving.

Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals

Remember the last few years when Bryce Harper was totally a bust who would never amount to anything because he struggled to hit Major League hitting as a 20-year-old? Yeah, those times are well behind us now. Harper has finally begun to grow into his body and, with a full healthy season under his belt proved just how good of a hitter he can be. He finished 2015 leading the league in wRC+ (197), weighted on-base percentage (.461), on-base percentage (.460), slugging percentage (.649), and finished third in home runs (42) behind Chris Davis and Nelson Cruz.

Now, let’s move on to the other candidates who probably are not going to win.

Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels

You cannot have a proper award season without mentioning Mike Trout in every possible situation. Across the board, Trout trails Harper in every statistical category. He did finish with 11 stolen bases to Harper’s six, but other than that he trails the Washington Nationals star. That is not to say that Trout did not have an amazing season by any stretch. He finished with a .299/.402/.590 slash and 41 home runs in 682 plate appearances. All numbers that are much larger than anything I have had the pleasure of writing in my time as a Cleveland Indians blogger.

Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds

Joey Votto? Joey Votto. His offensive performance was buried under the general sadness that was the Cincinnati Reds 2015 season, but do not count Votto out for best hitter of the year. Votto does not have the power of a Harper or Trout, but he got on base at a ridiculous .459 clip and lead the league in walk rate, taking a free base in 20.6% of his at-bats. His high walk rate also helped him match Mike Trout’s wRC+ (172), despite only hitting 29 home runs.

Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers

Miguel Cabrera hit only 18 home runs in his 119 games this season, but it feels like every single one of them came against the Cleveland Indians. Maybe soon the Detroit Tigers can deal him to a team in the National League. Or maybe the Nippon League. Does Mars have a baseball team they could send him to?

Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona Diamondbacks

Goldschmidt is another great year that got buried under a bad team. His 164 wRC+ was fifth in the league and he walked in 17.0% of his at-bats, good for third in the Majors. He also lead all other names on this list in stolen bases, swiping 21 of them over his 159 games played.

Nelson Cruz, Seattle Mariners

It was a toss up for me between Josh Donaldson and Nelson Cruz, but the Seattle Mariners designated hitter won out thanks to his massive 44 home runs and .369 on-base percentage. Yes, I said designated hitter, not outfielder. Give Michael Brantley his Silver Slugger award you phony!

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Don't forget to also submit your nominees for the other categories, including best bat flip/celebration, best breaking of unwritten rules, and best defensive play. Do that over in this thread. Happy voting!