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Submit your best moments and players of 2015 for the annual SB Nation MLB Awards

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Major League Baseball’s award season is well underway, and the 30 SB Nation MLB blogs are preparing an award season of their own. Similar to what Jason ran last year with Let’s Go Tribe, the SB Nation overlords have asked us to submit our opinions on the best players and moments of the 2015 season.

The guidelines are pretty simple: We pick our own nominees, we vote on our nominees, and then those results will go towards votes in the SB Nation MLB-wide awards sometime around Thanksgiving.

So if you have a particular moment in any of the categories below that you think should be nominated, feel free to submit them in the comments (more than one nomination is fine, of course). If it is something with a video (like the celebration category), a link would be helpful, but not mandatory. Voting will take place for each individual category in their own posts on the dates listed.

Monday, November 16: Hitter of the year (MLB)

Who was the best hitter in the entire league? American League, National League, on the Cleveland Indians, off the Cleveland Indians, it does not matter. Whichever single hitter you think was the best should get your nomination here.

Tuesday, November 17: Pitcher of the year (MLB)

See above, but replace the word ‘hitter’ with ‘pitcher’.

Wednesday, November 18: Defensive play of the year (Indians only)

Which Indians play stood out the most to you in 2015? Something Francisco Lindor did seems like the obvious choice, but Giovanny Urshela and even Lonnie Chisenhall made some spectacular plays on their own. Whoever you think should win, throw it in the comments.

Thursday, November 19: Bat flip / Celebration of the year (Indians only)

Who had the best bat flip or celebration after a big hit, or even who had the best celebration after a great pitching outing or full-game performance?

Friday, November 20: Best breakage of Unwritten Rules (MLB)

Unwritten rules can be kind of stupid at times. Who did the best job of breaking them throughout the season? Which player did something that went against the grain and did something unique?

* * *

So, there we go. Like I said, feel free to submit them in the comments below, or if you want you could even message us on Twitter or post on our Facebook wall. Go nuts.

And because I am such a nice guy, here is an easy ballot to copy and paste for your nominees:

Hitter of the year: 
Pitcher of the year: 
Defensive play of the year:
Bat flip / Celebration of the year:
Best breakage of Unwritten Rules: