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Friday News & Notes: Red Sox look to be coveting Indians pitchers

Picture this (and have your barf bags ready) - Corey Kluber: Red Sock

Please don't send me to Boston
Please don't send me to Boston
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

An interview with Francisco Lindor is a tough act to follow, but I'm gonna do my damndest. Here's a look at what's going on in Tribeland and beyond on this fine Friday morning:

Indians news & notes

Will Indians solve Red Sox pitching conundrum? | - The Red Sox are in need of a top-of-the-rotation starter, and new GM Dave Dombrowski has made it his mission to bring one to Boston. Not surprisingly, Dombrowski seems to be eyeing up the Tribe's top trio of Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco, and Danny Salazr. The Indians met with the Red Sox as part of the GM meetings this week, so something may well be afoot.

Are the Cubs and Indians good trade partners? | Cubbies Crib - A decidedly Chicago take on whether or not the two Midwestern ball clubs might be able to make something happen. Includes the hilarious possibility of a Corey Kluber for Jorge Soler trade!

Will the injury to Brantley make the Indians more aggressive this offseason? | - Dr. Smooth's absence leaves a gaping hole in what's already a precarious outfield situation. Hoynsie joins Chris Fedor and Dan Labbe on video to discuss how the injury might affect the way new Tribe GM Mike Chernoff plays out the offseason.

Will Chris Johnson spend 2016 in Cleveland? | DTTWLN - Johnson was decent with the Indians after the trade that finally saw the departure of Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn, but his contract is still pretty ugly. That might make it hard to move him this offseason if the Indians don't think he'll contribute much to the 2016 squad.

Could Phil possibly include more questions in his N&N headlines?

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