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MLB Closers on the Move? (Wednesday News & Notes)

Cody Allen isn't mentioned by name, but is it implied?

Yan Gomes holds onto Cody Allen for dear life.
Yan Gomes holds onto Cody Allen for dear life.
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Heyman reported yesterday that the trade market is strong for MLB closers. Names available include Craig Kimbrel, Andrew Miller, Mark Melancon and Shawn Tolleson. Said one of Heyman's sources, "Everyone's closer is available...People, especially the young GMs, have no fear of trading their closer." The Indians' closer, Cody Allen, is coming off of a season in which he posted remarkable numbers that have rarely been seen. Now would seem to be a bad time to trade him, however, with so many available.

Later in that article, Heyman passes along word that the Indians "feel fortunate Michael Brantley had his shoulder re-checked now, after feeling a little ping in workouts. He's out five to six months, so had he waited for spring training, he might have missed the bulk of the season." Yay? Jon also agrees with my level of surprise that the Indians didn't feel Ryan Raburn was worth 3 million. "Among players with at least 200 plate appearances in 2015, his OPS plus was 149, good for 10th, one spot behind Edwin Encarnacion and one behind Jose Bautista" was an especially depressing sentence because I tweeted a few days ago "Raburn will probably go to Toronto and hit 25 homers—13 off lefties and 12 off righties."

Another closer who could be on the move is Aroldis Chapman. The Reds seem to finally realize that their roster isn't set up to win as it is currently constructed.

• Ken Rosenthal reports from the GM meetings that Byung-ho Park has an insane exit velocity and that the Indians "might be even more reluctant to move a Carlos Carrasco or Danny Salazar this off-season."

Non-trade notes

• The 2015 Gold gloves were announced yesterday. Here's the complete list.


• 15 outfielders threw 100 mph last season. I found that number to be shockingly high. Here's August Fagerstrom on them. Of course it's the Royals that benefit when a guy throws 100 mph flat-footed, but to the backstop on the fly.

• Cardinals RHSP Lance Lynn had Tommy John surgery and will miss the 2016 season.

• Offense is starting to rise a little bit around baseball, which apparently concerns Commissioner Manfred enough to set off his STEROIDS alarm.

• Jose Reyes will likely face punishment for his domestic violence incident. This is a sentence that confuses Roger Goodell.

• So, @Fans of NL Baseball@, how did you feel about the 2015 National League season?!? It's okay if you just like that Nick Swisher plays there now.